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smysecret night

SmySecret Night (retenedores)

Retainers are devices nocturnal mouth much like plastic aligners, whose function is to prevent the natural movement of the teeth back into position after orthodontic treatment, although it has been with traditional systems such as brackets.

  •  Your smile pretty for longer
  •  Just bring in your sleep
  •  No irritating, do not bother

SmySecret Night (férulas de descarga)

Download splints or occlusal splint aim to change the patient's bite. It consists of a transparent plastic oral appliance which is placed in one of the dental arches to avoid coming into contact with other teeth.

This provides the mandible to a position suitable articularly when you bite on it, either to "forget" the improper and incorrect positions of mandibular teeth when kept tight, or to prevent wear of the teeth (bruxism), and the plastic plate is made of soft and cushioning.

  •  Avoid headaches and jaw
  • Protect your teeth while you sleep
  •  SJust bring in your sleep
  •  No irritating, do not bother