Ortodoncia Invisible y Transparente | Smysecret

Smysecret Aligner

Aligner Smysecret are an orthodontic system that performs a series of sequenced transparent aligners. This sequence is developed by computer and shows the evolution of the movement of your teeth. Smysecret aligners are changed every 15 or 20 days, when the previous aligner movement has peaked.

Aligner Smysecret may be used alone or in combination with Bioactive Smysecret.

  •  Removable clear aligners
  •  Made to fit your teeth
  •  No irritating, do not bother
  •  You can eat, drink and brush your teeth without problems

My dentist told me that I have to put "attachments", what does this mean?

Because of the smooth nature of the teeth, is necessary for certain movements temporarily adherirles some devices of various geometric shapes where aligners pulled to help perform certain movements. These devices are called attachments or attachments. These are identical to the tooth color to which they adhere, so that they are equally perceptible.


SmySecret Aligner