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Esthetic and clinical benefits



  •   Invisible. All systems are designed Smysecret to pass unnoticed as possible.
  •   Removable. You can remove it at the time that for convenience or aesthetics not want to take, or to eat, brush, etc..
  •  Fast. Thank bioactive aligners, which reduce orthodontic treatment time.


  • Smysecret is developed and supported by world-class orthodontists, making it into a system, not only aesthetic, but also functions.
  •  There are several diagnostic and treatment centers in Spain that together with your dentist will work together to get the best result
  •   Aligners are active not only faster, but also are more efficient clinical standpoint, correcting problemasortodónticos aligner only be impossible.
  • Smysecret is art digital dentistry, taking full advantage of orthodontic treatments.

Why Smysecret? | The best solution for orthodontic treatment

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Aesthetic and Clinical Benefits

Aesthetic and Clinical Benefits

Esthetic and clinical benefits ESTHETIC   Invisible. All systems are designed Smysecret to pass unnoticed as... Read more

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Beneficios Estéticos y Clínicos (en…

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Aligners | How they work

A sequence, each aligner slightly modifies the position of the teeth.

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Nobody realized and the results have been excellent. I recommend it for all

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