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The importance of a good outcome is
ensuring the sucess of treatment


Smysecret network has diagnostic centers Xplora 3D, where the latest technologies employed in the service of dentistry. These centers have the latest machines in 3D scanning and some experts in the computer-aided diagnosis and can see the evolution of our treatment, from beginning to end, before starting its implementation.


3D scanning

  •  Computed tomography (CT). Especially for those cases where it is necessary to study the TMJ or cephalometry in 3D.
  •  Telegraphy.
  •  Orthopantomography.
  •  Digital scanner models.
  •  Oral Scanner.

Computerized Diagnosis and Treatment

The entire diagnostic process takes dig Smysecret with specific orthodontic software, ensuring the elimination
of human errors that may occur.

  •  2D and 3D computerized cephalometry
  •  Diagnosis on digital models
  •  Computer Emergency treatment
  •  Manufacture of computer models and aligners.

Once the treatment has been defined by this computer is sent to process digital manufactured dental laboratory where experts manufactured digital art machines and apparatus aligners specifically for each case.